Justice Playthrough #5: Costume Fairy Adventures

Back to the tabletop we go, and it’s a big’un.

Page 55, Game 12: Costume Fairy Adventures by Penguin King Games

(Edit: This game can currently be found on Page 55, Game 11.)

Oh my fuck, this looks fantastic.

Based on what I’d seen elsewhere in the bundle, I was primed to expect some dashed-off pamphlet with a handful of random tables and vague admonitions to go get your mischief on, but NOPE. This is a 300+-page rulebook, with a printable deck of over 100 cards for your fairy costumes, with adorable artwork and a clean layout and and and….

This looks FUN.

Players are all fairies, looking to get into trouble. (The intro comic features fairies trying to steal a train in order to jump it over a castle, because that sounds fukkin’ RAD. They succeed! Next order of business: landing it.) The rules lay out your options very clearly, but like the best big RPGs, it looks like it’s giving you a ton of choice without an overbearing amount of mechanics. The rules themselves look simple without being trivial, and encourage creativity.

This looks like it’d be an absolute hoot with players who take a mindset that they wanna go out there and make some shit HAPPEN. I’d play a one-shot of this. I’d play a campaign of this.

Yeah. This is the sort of gem I was hoping this RNG-powered trawl would let me stumble across. When I can have people in my game room again, this is absolutely a candidate to hit the table.

Nice job, random.org. Now give me another one so I’ll know what I’m doing when I pick this back up tomorrow.

Page 57, Game 3: Cubefall, by Cavvvalry

“Rotational Row-Clearing Action!”

Looks like a potential time-gobbler if it’s fun.