Justice Playthrough #6: Cubefall

I spent most of my time tonight getting this blog up and running, so that I could put these little playthroughs somewhere other than my Facebook page. Such words! Very express!

Anyway. On to the next game. Let’s get cubey with it!

Page 57, Game 3: Cubefall, by Cavvvalry

(Edit: This game can currently be found on Page 56, Game 17.)

Back to the video game side of things, where I find a minimalist 3D puzzler in the vein of an old-school Tetris knockoff. You’re looking down a four-sided rectangular chute, with a steady supply of cubes raining down. When you fill in enough cubes at the bottom to form a complete square, poof! They vanish! And to encourage optimal cube placement, you use the arrow keys to rotate your chute.

This feels like it’s reallllllly close to being a pretty solid little game. The problem is the interface. When you rotate your chute to adjust where the incoming cubes will land, there’s no sort of easing animation to carry you from one state to the next. Just an abrupt POOF! The chute is instantly in its new location!

I found it remarkably difficult to visualize what any give state of the board was going to be, and I think that lack of transitional animation contributed to that. Or maybe it didn’t; maybe my spatial visualization just wasn’t up to the task. Regardless, I felt like I was spending most of the game flailing around more or less at random.

I suspect that if I spent enough time playing this one — like, say, the amount of time the developer has no doubt spent on it — that ability to visualize it well enough to actually be playing it would start to come. But do I actually WANT to spend that time here?

Honestly, not really. I don’t think there’s just enough there here. As far as I can tell, the base game is the entire game: cubes fall, make ’em fall as far as you can. I assume they’ll start falling faster, eventually. The harder difficulty settings cause the play area to twist around to further confound your spatial awareness, which definitely increases the challenge, but in a way that calls attention to what I find frustrating about the game in the first place.

So Cubefall winds up left in an unfortunate no-man’s land; too inaccessible for a casual time waster, not interesting enough to invest more than casual time in it.

Ah, well. They’re not all gonna be winners.

Okay, next game:

Page 46, Game 8: Desktop Dungeons OST, by dannyBstyle

Not a game at all; an original soundtrack for a game. Maybe this game is in the bundle! Or not! Either way, I’ve finally landed on something I can knock off this list while I’m at work tomorrow.