Justice Playthrough #7: Desktop Dungeons Original Soundtrack

Okay, so now I’m a music critic too.


Page 46, Game 8: Desktop Dungeons OST, by dannyBstyle

In this bundle, I’m not at all confident I’ve come anywhere near either the floor or the ceiling in terms of quality. In the short time I’ve been doing this, I’ve seen everything from a half-assed one-page adventure to a fully fleshed-out professional RPG that I’d give serious thought to paying full retail price for if I saw it on a shelf at Origins. (Hey, remember game conventions? Those were awesome. I hope they’re not gone forever.)

How bad can bad get here? How good is good? I have no idea.

However, I can say that the soundtrack at the heart of this entry definitely falls on the High-End Professional scale of what this bundle has to offer.

I’m totally unfamiliar with this game; based on the title, I’m thinking dungeon crawler. Based on the soundtrack alone, I’m intrigued. This is some damned fine high-fantasy background music. If I ever run a fantasy RPG again, this may well be the music I play. Hell, I may play this sucker when I’m doing one of my regular D&D games from my PC, seeing as gaming in person is SO an outdated artifact of the before-times known as February.

Maybe someone who’s played a fuckton of fantasy games would be all “Nah, bro, this is some samey bullshit; they totally ripped this off from Dragon Poker VII and GloopQuest: Heavenfall.” But to my ignorant ears, this sounds great. Lots of variety, lots of energy, lots of wacky song names; gotta appreciate a soundtrack with entries like Goats N’ Goblins, The Dragon With the Girl Tattoo, or Whaaarrgarrrbl. (I really wanna know the context of that last one.) The soundtrack is also available on Spotify, and it’s definitely on my radar now as something to listen to that isn’t gonna distract me with words and shit.

In fact, this soundtrack is so good, I’m gonna cheat! I’m not rolling the next entry at random! I’m just gonna skip directly to Desktop Dungeons!

Assuming it’s in the bundle.

… and it is not.


It is on Steam, though, for $15. Maybe if I hadn’t just given myself a gaming to-do list that stretches until retirement, I could check it out.

Okay. Back to the randomizer. And we go now to:

Page 30, Game 18: Prismot!: A Troikawave Zine, Issue 1, by Jared Sinclair

“Or: How to run a vaporwave campaign in Troika!”

There are zines here?

Well, why wouldn’t there be.

Let’s do a zine!