Justice Playthrough #102: Tabletop Archaeology 101

Ever feel like the big issue with Candyland was its lack of narrative cohesion?

Page 43, Game 12: Tabletop Archaeology 101 by avarisclari

You and up to 99(!!!) friends are competitively digging for artifacts! See who can court the most exciting danger and get the best artifacts!

Or, if you’re strapped for time, everybody roll a die, high roll wins. Same destination, shorter path.

This is a decision-free game. You’re rolling on a series of three charts, which may force to re-roll on various charts, which makes it feel like a press-your-luck game except those allow you to make choices. You are encouraged to make up stories fleshing out your dice rolls — and if you don’t, there’s literally no reason to play this game, so you may as well.

Good rolls get you points, most points/first to 45 points wins.

Also, the game closes-out with six pages of real-world archaeological artifacts. So that’s nice.

There’s nothing here, so let’s just move on.

… save to take a parting shot at the designer’s assertion that it seats from 3-100 players.


No, it does not.

How many players does this game take?

Page 21, Game 26: Dogs Throwing Swords II: Three Barks To The Wind by Rook

“A sidescrolling bark-em-up where you create and guide a team of very good dogs to save their home!”

Goodbois on an adventure together?!?!

I’m trying to keep my expectations reasonable. This is difficult.