Justice Playthrough #104: Lost in Dark Halls (Forking Paths #2)

Ah, it’s a zine! And a game! And it’s pretty darn good at being each.

Page 36, Game 16: Lost in Dark Halls (Forking Paths #2) by Orbis Tertius Press

This issue is all about the Labyrinth. Like, THE Labyrinth, the one from ancient Greek legend, not the Bowie one. (Though if you want some Goblin King and his attendant Bulge, fuck it, it’s your game, mate.) What does the Labyrinth represent symbolically? What are the various versions of the myth? What are some theories about where that myth came from?

All of that is presented in a style that’s academic without being dry. The overall vibe is like a really GOOD college class, one where the prof still genuinely digs the material and is enjoying the chance to share it with you lot. It’s honestly pretty cool.

It’s also just a lead-in to the game at the heart of the endeavor, which is all about printing out a deck of 52 maze tiles onto some cardstock and playing a game with them. The game is all about creating your own version of the Labyrinth myth — and you can go as realistic or as wild with that shit as you like. You can ground your story firmly in historical events, or you can have monsters running around, or you can even Bowie that shit up. The game is more than flexible enough to accommodate whatever you’re feeling.

Also, by the time the story comes to it’s conclusion, you’ll actually have created a physical card-based Labyrinth on your table. So that’s pretty dope.

Not sure what else to say, other than this looks really cool. It’s a well thought-out guided storytelling game with a very clear central theme. If that’s the kind of game you and your buddies are into, this looks like one you’d have fun with. Definitely makes me curious to see what other issues of the zine are like, that’s for sure.

Is this next one gonna be a zine, too?

Page 56, Game 9: Potion Commotion: Heart Edition by JENNY_

“Grow plants, brew potions, maybe even solve a mystery”

Interesting. If it lets me show-up Snape for the punk-ass incel he is, I’m SUPER into it.