Justice Playthrough #127: Anomalies

For a “game” that’s about creating eldritch abominations existing beyond the shackles of Euclidean space-time, that was kinda pleasant.

Page 37, Game 10: Anomalies by Schmidt Workshops

Anomalies just chucks you straight into the deep end of the pool. What’s this game about? What are you trying to do? What CAN you do? Fuck off, pal. You’ll figure it out.

i wait wat huh how????

The above control panel is very seriously the first thing you’ll be presented with. What does all that shit do? Why is it doing it? Oh fuck off, who cares. Just whack Randomize and see what happens.

is that a thing huh wat

You can mouse around to look at a kind of irradiated donut with glowy bits passing through it. At first I thought the irradiated donut with glowy bits was the point of the game, but no. You want to mouse around until you find The Creature, when you can then inspect more closely with the WASD keys.

The Creature is entirely the point of this exercise.

blak goat of the wuds with 1000 young?

The screenshots are seriously not doing the experience justice. That thing above throbbed and flowed, with the flowers floating and spinning across its surface, like if Yog-Sothoth were trying to impress a hippie elder goddess. The creatures sing, with strange, discordant voices. I feel like if I listen long enough, I’ll hear secrets.

helo blobbie thing

I feel like this should be a tool that lets me do something, but fucked if I can figure out what. Apparently, if you’re willing to hack some of the source images, you can fuck around with the background. I’d like to make an animation of one of these creepy eldritch fucks waving and convulsing on some sort of neutral background, for me to record and … use to freak out my players in Starfinder? Once the plague passes and we start playing Starfinder again?

I don’t know.

Chaos is the engine powering life. The spread of chaos is our triumph. And the greatest joy is the ecstasy of victory.

This is a very cool toy. I want it to somehow be more than a toy, even if I have no idea what, precisely, that would look like. But it is nevertheless a very cool toy, and I’m glad I got to play with it.

What manner of sanity-draining madness awaits in this next entry?

Page 15, Game 21: Mutiny Island by Elushis

“Mutiny Island is an open-world style pirate game. Reclaim your ship, The Red Dawn, by any means!”

Arr, ’tis to be PIRATE madness, then! Avast!