Justice Playthrough #166: mMcFabs’s Texture to SkyBox Converter

A simple tool for solving a problem I don’t have. But maybe you do.

Page 56, Game 23: mMcFabs’s Texture to SkyBox Converter by mMcFab

At least I know what a “skybox” is. It’s the distant background in a 3D video game, the far-away stuff that you will never be expected to (and cannot) interact with. Apparently, turning a texture into a skybox is A Thing, and this particular dev uploaded a tool they whipped-up for handling it.

Be warned, it’s a very simple tool. To toy with it, I selected one of the screenshots I’d harvested for the previous game:

This is about to become your world

The tool has two modes: import a PNG, export a PNG. So, I imported the PNG, which showed me a camera rotating around a world that had been transformed into a low-fi puzzle platformer:

Imagine this, but spinnier

There’s no way to take control of the camera, or look up or down. Just twirl around. Ironically, the skybox creator doesn’t let you look at the sky.

The export feature created this:


Is this … good? Bad? Fuck if I know. The tool advertises itself as being for converting textures into a box, so me feeding it a screenshot may have been kinda dickish.

But like I said, I’m not the target audience for this tool. I’ve never boxed a sky in my life. It’s clearly a bare-bones tool, but who knows, maybe it’s one you’ll find useful.

Will this next one help me create stuff one might want to put under a sky?

Page 27, Game 25: Heart and Lightning by Swords and Flowers

“Teen Gods Sword & Sworcery RPG about rebellion, and the troubles they get into.”

No, sounds more like some gods looking down from that sky. “Teen Gods” — is that gods as teenagers, or is that like a pantheon full of The Goddess of Dubious Vampire Fiction and stuff? Let’s find out!