Justice Playthrough #176: The Three-Body Problem

Less a “game,” more of an “interactive short story.” And less “interactive” than “makes you click to keep reading, and gives you explicit options to stop reading.” And less “short story” and more “primer on BDSM/power exchange relationships and how consent works within them, starring some queer forest witches.”

But, fuck it, if you’re in the mood for a semi-interactive primer on BDSM/power exchange relationships and how consent works within them starring some queer forest witches, I think I can recommend this one.

Page 28, Game 5: The Three-Body Problem by RoAnna Sylver

And … shit, I don’t know what else to say here. Kinda shot my load in the cold-open on this one.

To get into this one, you have to accept it for what it is. If you go in expecting a game where you’re making meaningful choices and shit, you’re gonna be disappointed. If you go in expecting a story that doesn’t have an obvious informational agenda, again, you’re gonna be disappointed.

But speaking as someone on the fringes of the kink community, as primers in BDSM relationships go, this is a totally solid one. Worlds better than fucking 50 Shades, that’s for sure — because unlike that wretched literary pustule, I’m quite confident this author actually knows what she’s talking about.

The big interactive element here is that it’s written in second person — you’re a submissive witch lady about to get your knifeplay on, but you’re interrupted, plot and exposition follow. The writing is solid. If you have a submissive streak, might be kinda hot — though that’s really not my deal, so I’m just guessing.

Mildly skeeved by the price, though which is $5 as of this writing — and this is not the first time I’ve had that reaction. Why am I so fussy about that? Just seems like a lot to ask for what’s basically a short story. At that price point, I’d expect at least a small anthology of erotically-charged forest witches teaching me the finer points of kinky sex. If I’d paid $5 expecting a game-game, I’d be feeling pretty punked. But, again, maybe if you know what you’re getting ahead of time, it’s worth the money.

Honestly, if you think you’d dig it, you probably will. Might just be worth your time.

So is this next game gonna tell me I’ll be getting well-laid shortly?

Page 2, Game 9: Troika! Numinous Edition by Melsonian Arts Council

“The Other world’s favourite fantasy RPG”

Oh, my. Based on the Troika supplements I’ve seen thus far, I’m honestly hoping not — because it’s gonna be fuckin’ WEIRD.