Justice Playthrough #18: Ring of Fire Prologue

For a hot minute there, I though I was actually gonna get two fantastic games in a row.

Page 47, Game 18: Ring of Fire Prologue, by Far Few Giants

A point-and-click neon noir set 40 years years in the future. You’re a London detective, investigating a very fucked-up murder. And your primary tool is: a search engine! Also, GPS. Punch relevant-sounding information into your cop smartphone, see what it pulls out of the cop database. Punch relevant-sounding addresses into your GPS and go there, to follow the clues.

In theory.

In practice … this is a partial prologue for a game that’s still under development. It’s meant to be incomplete. But for the life of me, I have no idea if I hit the end of the content I’m allowed to play, or if I’m just too thick to know what to do next.

Either is possible; the game warns you to TAKE FUCKING NOTES, since it is NOT going to hold your hand about what you need to be doing. Which, okay, cool; I’m actually feeling that. Definitely helps with that detective-investigating-a-mystery vibe. But I’ve entered every name and address I could find and I’m back in the victim’s apartment, stuck.

Even if there’s some clue I missed … didn’t the crime lab say they’d get back to me? Isn’t there more relevant information on the way? I get what the game is shooting for, but I feel like the game is giving me this passive-aggressive blank stare, patiently waiting for me to stop being such a fucking moron.

Unless, of course, that’s just all there is to this prologue version of the game. In which case some sort of “That’s all, folks! See you on release day!” message would have been REALLY appreciated.

This is a very, very, VERY cool looking game. I could see it being awesome. But based on my experience with this demo … I’m not so sure. It’s coming out in 2021; if I see it on Steam for cheap, what the hell, might give it another look.

Okay. What’s next?

Page 52, Game 30: Star Escape, by Ampersand Game Studios

“Intense competitive jumping in space”

Hmm. I do like jumping.