Justice Playthrough #61: I want to be a Triangle


Page 20, Game 10: I want to be a Triangle by LeCroissantCyclope

All right, first off: press “F” to enter windowed mode if you play this game. Took me a little digging to figure that out, but the game defaults to fullscreen — and on my laptop, the wrong resolution, with major portions of the window appearing above and below my screen.

So. You are a rectangle-man.


You need to talk to the Triangle Princess in the Triangle Palace. Problem: you are a lowly rectangle, and scum like you won’t be allowed anywhere near her. So you’re gonna have to get some shape reassignment surgery, courtesy of your local mad scientist.

Graphically, the game is charming. It’s black and white, and feels like an old-timey adventure game.

Your humble home

And there’s a world to explore!

Hey, there’s your buddy, the hexagon! He’s kind of a douche.

This is less a “game” and more an elaborate joke. Which I largely don’t mind, because it’s a pretty funny joke. I’m honestly impressed at the sense of humor demonstrated by the snarky narrator as your boy Rector the Rectangle does adventure game shit, because I’m pretty sure the game’s developer speaks French as their primary language. Getting laughs in a second language? Well done.

I’m less enamored of the actual gameplay. As you wander through the world, you need to rub yourself up against and interact with anything and everything you can, because you never know when you’re going to stumble across the items that will be the keys to unlock the game’s various puzzles. Make sure you remember that shit, and make sure it’s selected when you interact with the whatsit that wants it.

Rub yourself against the world, rub things against the world, rub things against each other. That’s the game.

Still, it wasn’t awful. I would have appreciated a few more hints about where to find the next whatever I needed, but it gave me a few laughs. It’s a playful, silly little trifle, and not the worst way to spend half an hour. If you remember playing games like this, probably worth a look.

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Page 56, Game 25: Catlandia: Crisis at Fort Pawprint by catlandia

“Be A Cat”

So, knock shit down, nap in sunlight, and lick myself? I’m in.