Justice Playthrough #77: The Red Door

Well, that was annoying.

Page 42, Game 14: The Red Door by yunglads25

You wake up in a spooky room. You have been kidnapped by a serial killer who likes toying with his prey. Solve the puzzles and escape via the titular Red Door!

Eh, Ive woken up shittier places

This is a first-person horror survival game where you must go on a scavenger hunt to find whatever it is you need to move along to the next stage. There are also puzzles you must solve. And by “puzzles” I mean the ubiquitous placeholder puzzle game developers use until they can come up with something better: slideyboy build-the-picture puzzles.

The unflavored oatmeal of adventure gaming

Of course, you need to watch out for that pesky killer! And by “watch out for” I mean “hurry the fuck up.” I don’t know what triggers his appearance, but I think there’s a silently ticking clock that summons him. (Maybe.) The game gives hints that you can hide from the killer by scrambling under the bed, but as far as I can tell, once the dude shows up, that’s that.

Oh, this fucker again

Also, sometimes your flashlight shits the bed. I don’t know why, and I don’t know why I’m able to then turn it back on a little while later. All I know is, stumbling around a pitch black environment does not make for compelling gameplay.

There’s not a lot of game here in general, actually. A handful of jump scares, but for the most part, death seems weirdly arbitrary. I didn’t get invested, because I didn’t feel like I had enough control over my situation to bother. The game will fuck with me when the appointed Moment of Fuckening arrives, and that’s that.

And slideyboy puzzles? Come on.

I will give the game credit for laying down a perfectly cromulent horror atmosphere.

So, the dark room is where the party’s at? Dope.

But the details responsible for turning that atmosphere into an actual game just feel half-baked and underdeveloped. I just can’t recommend it.

Perhaps I’ll feel better about recommending this guy:

Page 23, Game 18: Jumpin’ Jupiter : Prelude by Quantum Sheep

“A prelude – shorter/easier than the main ZX Spectrum platformer :)”

Ah, a demo. Cool. Sell me on your game.