Justice Playthrough #79: Choice Chamber

Well, that’s an interesting trend to chase.

Page 19, Game 16: Choice Chamber by onemrbean

Choice Chamber is a side-scrolling adventure game. Arm up, dive into the dungeon, murder as much stuff as possible before your inevitable and grisly demise. The twist: important game decisions will be made by the people watching on your Twitch channel.

Here’s the starting room, where you can kill some time and fuck around with a ball

Yup, the game is meant to integrate with Twitch. The game will pose questions, and turn votes on the answers into your in-game reality. (The offline mode simulates this by choosing shit at random.) When all the votes are in, the next room will be a treasure chamber bestowing the blessings of your viewership upon you.

The RNG would like me to fight beefibois. Also, I am currently locked in pogo-mode, which means I’m always jumping UNLESS I press the “Jump” button. You’re a dick, RNG.

The obvious questions become: is this game enough fun that I would WANT to kill time playing it on Twitch? And if I’m one of those rare Twitchsters with people actually watching, is it gonna be fun for them to screw with me?

I’m … honestly not sure.

This game is just okay. My initial impression is that it’s honestly too easy. I was expecting that if I touched the foes in the game, they’d murk me, but no; they only take a chunk off my life-o-meter if they touch me AND have the “I bite you!” animation rolling. That saps a lot of the tension out of the game, and seems pretty basic to be basing a Twitch stream on. I don’t really watch Twitch, but why would I want to watch somebody play unless they’re being challenged? I dunno, maybe if they’re really interesting in general and the game is really just something for them to be doing while they chat, but in that case, the game wouldn’t much matter, would it.

What’s more, the foes are pretty easily manipulated. If I were playing this for an audience, I think I’d have to lay down a personal code of conduct saying shit like “I shall not sit atop this platform and stab the big monster do death while it squirms helplessly” in order to keep it from getting even MORE piss-easy.

Can’t touch me! Can’t touch me! Can’t touch me!

Still, the game DID eventually wear me down, and I suppose that you don’t want it to be TOO lethal to give the audience a chance to see their mean-spirited votes play out. (I mean, the vote that set it so that I only DON’T jump when I hold down the “Jump” button? That was objectively the correct choice. It’s just so annoying.)

Just to make sure I had a look at this game in its natural habitat, I popped over to Twitch.com, and hey! There were two games of it going on a random Sunday evening! I clicked on the one with the most viewers (RedheadORama) and settled in.

First impression was that the difficulty ramps up suitably fast, so that’s one concern laid to rest. The lady playing it was having to leap around and dodge and do other cool gamer things, and wasn’t just waltzing through. Suppose it helps when you know where the warp zones are so you can skip past the boring shit. (Though apparently, that’s a mixed blessing; warping forward keeps a lot of bullshit from showing up, but also cheats you out of a bunch of potential upgrades, too.)

The couple playing with it seemed to be having fun with it, for certain values of “fun.” They kept dialing down the graphics settings to keep the game from pausing randomly; I guess all the Fun Stuff that had been inflicted upon them was overwhelming their machine. The overall tone of the interaction with the fans was “Help me out, guys,” and people were generally happy to help out optimize settings to defeat the boss monsters.

I still voted for pogo jump, though.

I do not anticipate that I’m going to explore this game much more on my own. But what the hell, if you’re a Twitch streamer looking for something new and unique, this one might be worth a try.

But will it be as camera-ready as:

Page 39, Game 30: A Touch of Glamour by Maharhar

“Where the fey are at the center to Create and Destroy.”

Creating OR destroying, I would expect the fey to look damned good doing it. Let’s see what’s going on.