Justice Playthrough #97: The Stars Whisper

Whoa. That was heavy as fuck.

Page 45, Game 9: The Stars Whisper by Wheel Tree Press

In this game, you and between 7 and 11 of your friends (and one facilitator) will pretend to be stars. This entails lying in a dark room in a very specific place in your constellation, whispering to each other (space is BIG, you guys) and playing with your flashlight (and the light on your phone will do nicely, assuming your battery can survive that much use). What do stars have to say to each other? The game has some ideas. See what you wind up saying.

This is less of a “game” and more of a facilitated experience. I don’t want to say too much about it; the rules specify that it works best if the players come in relatively cold only knowing the rudiments, and having looked through the entire ruleset, I believe it. For the right group of players, one interested in tackling some REALLY hefty emotional themes, this could be one hell of an experience. Something that’ll have the players involved saying “Hey, remember that time we all pretended to be stars at Nick’s place?” for YEARS, possibly as a prelude to discussing some really difficult shit.

The game advises warning players that it deals with themes of isolation and loss, so … yeah. I can say that without spoiling anything.

If you and your LARP buddies would like to do something a bit more resonant than punching goblins and don’t mind ending the night in a somber and contemplative headspace, this looks like it might be one hell of a game. I haven’t actually played it, but I’m quite comfortable recommending it.

Okay, script. Got anything maybe a little lighter for me?

Page 24, Game 18: Gataela by Atemly Games

“A Victorian Steampunk RPG! Debate, convince and negotiate with NPCs in order to save the country!”

Yeah, let’s do a colonialism. But, like, with gears and shit.