Justice Playthrough #3: Na Escuridão

Time for an adventure!

Page 42, Game 24: Na Escuridão (In the Darkness), by Minakie

(Edit: This game can currently be found on Page 42, Game 23.)

“Look, it’s a Hundred Floors of Frights. They’re not all gonna be winners.”

Negative reviews are fun when you’re punching up; most of the people responsible for Cats being the nightmare clusterfuck it is are wealthy and powerful, and will likely never know I even existed; that shit is fair game.

But going HAM on something that was basically donated to charity by someone who worked on it largely just for the love? That’s … that’s just mean.

So I’ll go easy on In The Darkness.

It’s a system-agnostic one-shot adventure that fits onto a single sheet of paper by virtue of teeny tiny print. And….

Some tropes you embrace, some tropes you avoid. The Big Twist in this adventure would be one of the latter — for very good reason. It’s not offensive or in bad taste; I just worry that if I ran this, the rest of the table would come away thinking I’d just wasted their damn time.

Though to be fair, I HAVE seen this twist pulled-off successfully before; my friend did it in a D&D game, and it was kinda fuckin’ epic. The context was radically different, but still, he made it work. So maybe it’s worth a look if you’re GM and you’re in a challenge-yourself kinda mood.

I’ll pass, though.

Okay, who’s next…..

Page 2, Game 16: Micro Mages, by Morphcat Games

“A platformer developed for the NES. Now available on PC! ROM included.”

Ooh. This looks promising.