Justice Playthrough #1: One Night Stand

And my big randomized playthrough begins with:

Page 1, Game 26: One Night Stand, by Kinmoku

Okay, maybe this first one wasn’t exactly chosen at random.

A point-and-click adventure game where you (assumed to be a male-bodied sort whose sexual preferences include women) wake up in bed hung-over as fuck and next to a stranger who’s as naked as you are. Feels like it’s part of a genre I’m simply not familiar with; sort of a slow-moving interactive novel kind of thing?

You wake up, and try to piece together just WTF happened last night. (You were, apparently, already visibly drunk AF by the time you met the lady you hooked up with, which is honestly not cool; but what the hell, my avatar clearly wasn’t processing the event as a sexual violation, so I wasn’t going to overlay that narrative on him.) You click on things. You make decisions. And you need to make those decisions count, because she’s not gonna be asleep forever, bro.

The game ended with me getting thrown the hell out of her house. Protip: if you’re going to violate someone’s privacy in the name of trying to reduce the overbearing awkwardness, make sure you don’t call her by the name that’s on her fake ID.

At least I had gotten my shirt and pants on and left with my phone — which had just died. No Uber here — old-school walk of shame for me. And she was nice enough to give me some aspirin before I left, which I clearly needed very desperately.

For such inherently salacious and potentially sleazy subject matter, the game presents itself gently, with soft, warm graphics. This girl had clearly had a really shitty night last night, and I was sincerely motivated to try and keep from making it worse — and obviously failed, super hard. I’m also intrigued by the mystery of just what the hell happened to “me” as well.

It was a pleasant little experience, even if the ending I got was … probably not the WORST possible, but still not good. I may well come back to it.

Next game: Page 18, Game 15: that’s gonna be….

Two Years of Mini-RPGs, 2017—2019, by Emojk

“32 RPGs in a single collection!”

Erm. Kinda flying in the face of this whole VIDEO game thing, aren’t we.

Eh, what the hell. I can at least give ’em a look.