Justice Playthrough #108: Combed Clap of Thunder


Jesus, Bundle. I just got done playing Pong. I’m not sure my brain can process this.

Page 42, Game 26: Combed Clap of Thunder by emosludge

This is a collection of three graphic short stories that are seriously challenging AF for a basic bitch like me. The art is highly stylized and abstracted, and doesn’t make it easy to tell just what the hell is going on in any given frame.

The stories cover themes of isolation and suicide, with the third going into gonzo bugfuck-crazy science fiction territory, with religion adapting to the grim realization that humanity was not created in the image of God, but God’s dog. That one, “The Real Jesuses,” was definitely my fave; it felt like the best fit for the WTF-ness of the art. I can’t help but respect a plot to save the world by sneaking into heaven and jerking-off God.

I don’t understand most of this well enough to provide a meaningful review of it, and I don’t want to be the kind of jackass who defaults to mockery of that which I don’t understand. (I much prefer to mock that which I understand perfectly well, thank you.) So, I’mma just speculate that if you dig darkly challenging comics, this one may well be worth your time. The curious should definitely give it a look.

Will I be able to understand what’s coming up next?

Page 3, Game 21: Death and Taxes by Placeholder Gameworks

“You are the Grim Reaper on an office job. Save the world.. or condemn it to damnation?”

All about working that day job, huh? Yeah, I think I’m gonna know what’s going on a little better in this one.