Justice Playthrough #110: Our Hero Neighbors

Three-page ultra-lite RPG that isn’t bringing a ton to the table, but could work in the hands of an enthusiastic GM.

Page 42, Game 2: Our Hero Neighbors by Jamie O’Duibhir

You and the other players live in a Smalltown, USA. What’s going on? Strange things! Like spraying for mosquitoes! Or aliens! From outer space, or from Mexico? GM’s discretion! How much realistic rural xenophobia do you feel like wallowing in?

There are some decent (if ultra-lightweight) rules for character creation and game mechanics, but not a lot of sense of setting or place. The rules casually mention that it’s set in 1971, but these rules could be for … basically, anything. Ancient monks solving a murder mystery? Kids exploring the woods behind the school? A pack of stray dogs? Neither the mechanics nor the rulebook do much to anchor the game to any particular time or place.

The credits mention that the creator made it to show her mother-in-law a functional examples of how a TTRPG might work, and … yeah, it does kinda feel like something dashed-off quickly without a ton of actual development behind it. Like most indie mini RPGs, looks like it’ll absolutely be fun at the right table, but also like a lot of the minis I’ve encountered, making “fun” actually happen is very firmly your job.

Also, make sure you only do things you’re good at. Do something you’re bad at, and there’s a one in six chance you’ll burn your fucking house down.

Will this next game give me a firmer sense of just where in the multiverse I’m going to pretend to be?

Page 58, Game 8: DungeonGameAssetPack by SorceressGameLab

“Castlevania inspired”

Ah, for this next one, I’m going to have to pretend I’m a game developer making a game actually happen.