Justice Playthrough #12: Far From Home

Looks like the Playthrough would like me to learn something about the immigrant experience.

Page 20, Game 12: Far From Home, by ehronlime

This one’s an indie tabletop roleplaying storytelling game, somewhere between a one-page and Apocalypse World in complexity. The players are all strangers in a strange land, attempting to thrive in a culture not their own. Seems to be taking some cues from Apocalypse World in terms of giving each player a kind of archetype to play (“The Seeker,” “The Exile,” The Transient,” etc.), but without as much mechanical distinction.

This is a very rules-light game in general, but with enough structure to feel like it’s still, you know, a game. Like a lot of storytelling-style games, this one looks like it’s going to depend very heavily on its players for a sense of direction; I feel like if you’ve got one or two players willing and able to lay down a solid structure, the game has enough substance for everybody else to work within that.

More so than a lot of games like this, however, this one feels like it REALLY needs you to lay down a strong sense of the world you’re in, and a reading of the rules leaves me concerned that it’s on the players to figure that out. If you’re going to explore what it’s like to live in a culture not your own, seems like you need a pretty firm sense of both where you are and from whence you came, and the game doesn’t seem to spend a lot of time encouraging you to figure those details out. Heck, it was a ways into the game before I figured out that it was encouraging you to build a fantasy or sci-fi world to explore together. But the rules don’t devote much space to that.

However, the rules also don’t specify that every interaction you have with the culture you’re living in should be as racist and condescending as humanly possible, so at least there’s a lot more room to explore nuance than the previous game had.

This isn’t one I’d be eager to play, necessarily, but if someone I trusted was eager to run a session of it, I’d gladly ask for a seat at that table. It strikes me as a tad underbaked for my liking, but overall, not bad.

All right, RNG. Are we gonna keep doing the immigrant thing?

Page 54, Game 17: Lacrymo Tennis 2016 (+ 2018), by Les Jeux d’la TĂȘte

“No one does bourgeois revolution quite like the French.”

Is this a sports game? A revolutionary game? Both?

Let’s find out!