Justice Playthrough #134: Nuvoloso

Can’t play it. My PC privilege has been thwarted!

Page 56, Game 2: Nuvoloso by Claudio Vertemara

It’s an Android-only game, the first I’ve encountered in the trawl. That means I’ve encountered as many Android games as I have Commodore-64 and Sinclair VX Spectrum entries. So as I did there, I figured I’d see if an emulator could help me out.

I downloaded and installed NoxPlayer 6.6.12. In theory, installing Nuvoloso on it was a simple drag and drop. An hour later, the app is still installing.

If it’s this slow, I suspect that even if the install completes, the simulated game experience might be significantly less than what the developer intended.

Ah, well.

So all I can really say about this game is that it has something to do with clouds, and is definitely a thing that exists.

What fun shapes will I wind up seeing in this next one?

Page 3, Game 14: Vignettes by Skeleton Business

“Toyish surprise-o-rama”

Ooh. Toyish shapes. And I do like surprise-o-ramas. This bodes well.