Justice Playthrough #146: Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand

A dinky little walking simulator that somehow managed to impress the absolute shit out of me. This thing looks GREAT.

Page 3, Game 9: Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand by caves rd

Basically, this is a developer’s experiment in hyper-realistic environment creation. There isn’t really a “game” here, it’s just wandering around a little bit of simulated New Zealand nature.

So, how does it look?

It looks fantastic.




The screenshots do NOT do this fucker justice. It feels alive. Completely, totally alive.

I mean, check out what happens when I shove my face in some shrubbery!

Look at this shit! Leaves! Except I don’t have to leave my office and go outside and get bitten by bugs and maybe die of Covid-19!

There’s a VR version of this game, but the dev says that the desktop version is the better experience. To which I say … REALLY, bro? This looks like something I would use to show-off how bad-ass my VR rig is. I really want to see what this thing looks like from the inside of an Oculus.

Is this what Bethesda games are going to look like in the future? In fifteen years, when Skyrim’s bandits jump out at me and start stabbing me, are they going to leap out of caves that look like this?

Because I am fucking THERE for it.

Possibly most amazing of all was how damn SMOOTH the whole experience was. I’m rocking a four-year-old laptop, but I feel like I’m on a pimped-out gaming PC here. The next time one of the games on this list shits the bed performance-wise, this is the game I’m going to link to when I bitch about how inexcusable I found it.

It’s just a demo, but it’s one cool-ass demo. Definitely recommended.

Will the next game allow me to do something other than just wander around and gawk at how pretty it all is?

Page 58, Game 14: Solipstry by alrine

“A D20 roleplaying game system that allows you to create ANY world you can imagine.”

Ooh. Definitely calling that a yes.

Let’s imagine a world where … I … do a better job of getting to sleep at a reasonable hour?

I cannot seem to imagine things.

Perhaps I should get myself to bed.