Forbidden Lore Design Diary #11: Back To The Script

It turns out that having a relative die really kicks your side-project productivity squarely in the balls.

However, during my time off, the guy writing the tutorial I was using returned and finished it! Yay!

I’d been trying to do the start-up menu — and was getting bloody nowhere. I asked for some help on /r/roguelikedev, and it turns out that the developer had completely overhauled event handling in a way which would largely solve the problems I was having. He pointed me to the git repository showing the new code, but I was struggling to figure out all the places I’d have to change.

But then the tutorial got updated! Hooray! And it showed all the stuff I needed to refactor!

So I’m back on track, with a loading screen and everything.


I also got to check my savefile mechanism against the recommended version! The recommended version makes smaller files and seems a bit more efficient in general, but honestly, I prefer a lot of elements that I came up with.

Namely, my code for creating a backup of the autosave and restoring it if the save goes awry. I’m keeping that shit.

I also overhauled how monsters and treasure get generated so that it’s a bit easier to twiddle how often something does or doesn’t show up.

I’m back on this thing. I’m going back and forth about how deep I want to go into this once the tutorial is done. I’m a little put off by how difficult some “simple” things are, like creating basic menus or just communicating with the player in general. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t give the Unity engine a try for the product; the end result would wind up being more accessible, I’m sure.

Though I’m equally sure that has its own grab bag of headaches. Still. There are some assets for creating roguelikes in Unity that I could try out.

But for now, what the hell. The ASCII version of the project is moving forward again. May as well see it through to the end of the tutorial, at least.