Justice Playthrough #183: Pixel art Forest

OHHHH it’s another resource thing. All right. Cool.

Page 27, Game 9: Pixel art Forest by edermunizz

Okay. Are you developing a video game, or some other form of visual media? Would you like that video whatever to have a background appropriate for a side-scrolling 2D platformer? Would you like that background to be a forest? Would you like that forest to be dominated by the pixelated side of the Force? Would you like that forest to be dark and gloomy?

If you answered Yes to every question in the prior paragraph — every single question — then I have some excellent news for you!

It’s an example preview, so I think including this image is ethically all right. I think?

What’s to say? It’s a perfectly cromulent solution to an extremely specific problem. If you’re one of the people trying to solve that problem, it’ll be a nifty resource.

However, no bears. Gonna be a little bit judgy for that.

Will this next game offer me any bears?

Page 50, Game 6: Clash of Coins by Zwi Zausch

Local 2 player brawler fun on a shapeshifting arena in the clouds!

Hmm. Shapeshifting. “Bear” is definitely a shape.