Justice Playthrough #41: Hermit the sluggish caterpillar of the sea

Kickin’ it old-school, crustacean style.

Come get some, motherfuckers

Page 26, Game 22: Hermit the sluggish caterpillar of the sea by Sharped Stone Studios

You’re a hermit crab, hanging out in a sea full of critters who want to kill you. (They don’t seem to be eating you, though. I’m speculating that you used to have a career as a hit crab, and these are the families of your victims looking for payback.) Your default state is naked and defenseless.


But shells will reign down from above. Claim one as your home, and hide from your enem–

Just kidding. Use that shell to BEAT THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS TO DEATH. Like, you know, hermit crabs do.

It’s on.

Of course, murking some fool with your shell wrecks the shell. Find a new shell, and make sure the cycle of violence and retribution continues.

There’s an appealing lack of ambition to this game. Nothing fancy, no stories to tell, just some clever and inventive gameplay. Here’s how you do the thing, now go do the thing as long as you can. Do the thing well, and more nasty things will show up to stop you. Feels like a game I coulda played back in the old days, when I was a kid.

It’s fine for what it is, but the game balance could use some tweaking. It’s a profoundly merciless game; when you don’t have a shell, the next hit will kill you.


You only have the one life, so no matter how well your run is going, you’re always one false move away from it ending.

More problematic is that there are no real combo kills in this game. Slam into two targets with one shell, and you won’t get two kills; the first kill will knock your shell off, causing the second target to kill you. Which is kinda of a pisser.

It’s a perfectly fine game for what it is, really. Not fantastic, but still not half bad. Pretty cool, actually.

But will it match the bar set by:

Page 54, Game 27: SuperShot – Screenshot Tool by Yusuf

“screenshot tool”


Right when I JUST start adding screenshots to these silly things.

Fucking hell. Is my random number generator gaining sentience?