Justice Playthrough #43: Mon-cuties for All

Monster farming is a weird goddamn business.

Page 10, Game 19: Mon-cuties for All by Reine Works

You’re getting into the lucrative business of monster farming, because it beats being recruited to be a “hero.” (So I think my character was dodging the draft.) You grew up on this farm when you were a kid, so you know the biz. Time to get to raising monsters — like your starting critter!

Very monster

And what do you raise these creatures for? Their meat? Their fur? Monster cockfights? Nope. Your monster shows consist of … trivia contests!

The answer isn’t 4.

Yes, that’s right! Enter your monster in the show, answer three questions correctly, get $500! Miss even on, walk away with the loser prize of $100.

Think that’s weird? We’re just getting started. You’ll need to care for your monsters. Which apparently means petting them, via a dirt simple clicking game. Pet them enough, and in classic pocket cockfighting monster style, they evolve! What do they evolve into?



This just got fucking awkward.

So. Where to begin. There’s basically no game at all here. It’s just repetitive clicking. Click to care for your monsters, click to earn money — which, incidentally, appears to have no relationship with your monsters.

But even overlooking the total lack of a game — and why would you? — there’s the slight fact that “farming monsters” apparently very quickly becomes “farming women.”


Maybe other monsters turn into catboys or some shit? That wouldn’t make me feel much better if it were true.

This game feels gross and I’m not going to think about it anymore.

Replacing that game in my head, we have:

Page 24, Game 5: Desktop Goose by samperson

“I have created a goose that lives on your desktop. He is an asshole.”

Oh my. I think I’ve heard of this one.