Justice Playthrough #49: Vegetables


Page 49, Game 8: Vegetables Deluxe C64 by MikeRichmond

This is a game for the Commodore 64. Not a game done up in the style of a C64 game; an actual modern Commodore 64 game. If you do not own an actual C64, that is officially a YOU problem.

Though the description page does suggest an emulator.

Okay, so I downloaded the emulator and fired it up. Did some Googling on how to load a “.d64” file into the emulator. Followed the instructions. Made some decent guesses. Loaded the game!

This is as far as I got.

… and got stuck.

Spent some time trying to configure the joystick. Think I clicked the right buttons. The little indicator lights at the bottom of the emulator did seem to be indicating it saw my XBox controller as a live joystick. Vegetables Deluxe, however, was not buying that shit. It stayed on the above screen, and no amount of button mashing would let me move forward.

So after about a half hour or so, I finally gave up.

I don’t know if this is a problem with the emulator or a problem with the game. Either way, this game was not willing to exert any particular effort to allow me to play it.

… and I’m surprisingly okay with that.

I have encountered a number of games in this trawl that are Not For Me, and Vegetables Deluxe is one of them. This game is for an audience of people who either have functioning C64s or already know the emulator backwards and forwards, and could fire-up this game the moment it was downloaded. Maybe they love that they get to play a veggie-themed Bejeweled on their beloved retro machine, maybe they think it sucks. That’s their business.

I am not part of that community, and this game makes no effort to introduce me into it. And why should it? Would the effort of either bundling the emulator with this game or walking me through how to get it working really have been worthwhile to this dev? Maybe. But probably not; I’m just a tourist in this space, I wasn’t liable to stick around long even if I got the game running, and the game was in no mood to indulge me. That’s fine. That’s legit. Not every club needs to have me as a member.

So it’s another super-niche game. Are you a Commodore 64 enthusiast? Then here’s a new game for you. Enjoy. The rest of us have plenty of other entertainment options.

Who is this next game for?

Page 19, Game 21: Where is cat? by bartbonte

“Created for the #oujevipo4kids contest, a game for kids created with my kids.”

Ah, It is for kids. Created, in part, by kids.

This likely means this game isn’t gonna be for me, either. But sometimes, kids can produce works of bugfuck insanity. Let’s see how much creativity these plucky little tykes have.