Justice Playthrough #81: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone – Take This

What if Legend of Zelda, but while waiting for the food to arrive?

Page 38, Game 21: It’s Dangerous To Go Alone – Take This by Margaret Catter

This is a one-page RPG that would probably work really well as a long-form improv show. “All right, Jasmine here is about to go on an epic quest! Show me something you brought with you that you’re gonna give her to help her out! Pepper spay, thank you!” “Uh oh, looks like Jasmine’s been stopped by a deadly trap! What item do you have on you that’ll help her get past it? Some Kleenex! She’ll need to be creative….”

Anyway. This isn’t so much a “game” as it is a set of guidelines for crafting an adventure based around whatever shit you happen to have on you. There’s not much to it beyond the cute idea … but what the hell, it is a cute idea.

What dangers will I be able to conquer with:

Page 33, Game 14: Destined by Sandy Pug Games

“A 5 page luxury TTRPG experience”

Five pages of luxury, eh? Do go on.