Justice Playthrough IOU: Learn Japanese To Survive: Kanji Combat OST

I said I’d come back to it.

Page 51, Game 1: Learn Japanese To Survive: Kanji Combat OST by Slaleky

Definitely sounds like a JRPG soundtrack to me. I don’t play a ton of JRPGs, so I can’t say much more than that. Is it a GOOD example of such things? A notably derivative example? Is it just Final Fantasy 32: The Chocobo Riots but with the serial numbers defaced? No idea.

I will say that this is almost certainly just the game’s music resources dumped into playable form. These tracks are all meant to be on loops, presumably playing indefinitely as you get up to whatever educational shenanigans the game has in store for you next. As far as I can tell, there’s no effort whatsoever to try and smooth-out the beginnings and endings so they sound more like actual discrete songs. The beginnings all sound all right, but the songs don’t “end” so much as “stop.” Seriously, every time a track ends, it sounds like somebody fast-forwarded to the next one halfway through.

Aside from that, it seems like a perfectly cromulent video game soundtrack. Though I have to imagine that if you’re going for a Final Fantasy-esque groove, you’d probably just toss on an actual Final Fantasy soundtrack. Those exist, too.