Justice Playthrough #161: Learn Japanese To Survive: Kanji Combat OST

OOOOOOHHHH it’s a soundtrack.

Page 51, Game 1: Learn Japanese To Survive: Kanji Combat OST by Slaleky

I mean, it says so, right fucking there: “OST.” Original Sound Track. Reading comprehension is totally a thing you guys.

So, no learning for me. Just some anime inspired music.

Rather a lot of it, actually. Three whole disks’ worth. Dayam. That’s a hell of a lot of music that sounds like the Final Fantasy games I never quite got around to playing.

Right, this one’s gonna be an IOU. I wanna play a thing tonight and not just listen to music. Though what the hell, depending on what gets rolled-up next, maybe I can do them concurrently.

All right, is this next one gonna be suitable for a soundtrack that makes me think of androgynous teenagers swinging overcompensation swords the size of a phone booth?

Page 40, Game 10: falling is not the same thing as dying by Sisi

“cute high school game about jv girls tennis”

I don’t KNOW that this is an anime game, but the answer might just be a big damn “Yes.”