Justice Playthrough #145: catharsis and shit (or, from which lilacs bloom)

… in which the basic bitchness of your humble reviewer once again comes to the fore.

Page 41, Game 25: catharsis and shit (or, from which lilacs bloom) by quinnntastic

It’s advertised as a TTRPG, but to me it feels more like a combination of guided meditation and group therapy. It’s about strangers, drawn together, just … talking. About dreams and fears and such.

I feel like if you get on this game’s wavelength, it could be quite moving.

I kinda have absolutely no idea how to do that.

If I had an opportunity to play a session guided by the author — or guided by someone who’s all “Oh, quinnntastic, we basically share the same brain!” — I’d gladly give it a try. But in the meanwhile, I’ll just accept that it’s not my jam and move on.

Is this next game gonna be more “me?”

Page 3, Game 9: Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand by caves rd

“Realistic exploration and photography sim set in countryside NZ.”

Fuck yeah! Let’s explore some hobbit holes!