Forbidden Lore Design Diary #2: Something Runs

Installed a bunch of shit, including Python 3 and C# runtime environment. Hardest part was getting the Python plugin working for Eclipse; I had some cruft that I needed to clear-out before things would update properly.

But, it’s running. I do love me some syntax highlighting.

Getting the environment set up properly is actually a pretty major mental hurdle for me. I’m a clumsy sysadmin, and I never know how long something is going to take. I tend to do a lot of flailing around in the process of getting all the pieces into place. And given that my brain is always looking for an excuse to quit on the grounds that it’s just too hard and who KNOWS how long everything is going to take, the infrastructure is a great place for shit to fall apart. Let the project fail before it even began.

But it has begun. Suck it, brain.

I followed the first page of the tutorial. It’s all copy-pasting, but I am trying to follow along. I largely get it; at the very least, it’s providing a solid example for me to work with, and I tend to learn best when I get to do. This tutorial does do a pretty solid job of explaining WHY I’m copying what I’m copying.

I’ll probably want to detour into a proper Python tutorial, though, just so I can get a proper introduction to how the language does things. Still, this should give me a pretty solid frame of reference.

I got an executable running! Created a blank field for an “@” symbol to just kinda hang out it. Right now that little guy is basically Janet chilling in her void.

Look at that pimp motherfucker just hanging out in the middle of the screen

I even made made him move around.

Not gonna lie, this game kinda sucks right now

Someday, that “@” is going to be a wizard running around shooting fireballs and raising the dead and exploiting the lower classes and shit. Baby steps.

The tutorial ended by advising I put everything into source control. I’ve been doing software long enough to know that yeah, that’s a solid move.

I COULD have just set up a local repository, but fuckit, let’s stay optimistic. I’m putting this sucker on BitBucket, where future collaborators shall someday be able to access the project. There was a bit of confusion logging in, as BitBucket has been acquired by Atlassian, and I found my proper login credentials AFTER Atlassian made a new one for me. So, two accounts!

That’s gonna confuse the tits off of me someday, I can feel it.

I’m using git, which is also what I use at my day job. I’ve never been in love with git; I find it to be a little impenetrable, and every once in a while I need to hit-up someone smarter than me to unfuck whatever I just did. But what the hell, it’s just me on this project, so it’s not like there are going to be merge conflicts.

Took a little wrangling to get my existing code pushed to BitBucket, but it’s in there. I even managed to do it using Eclipse; here’s hoping I can keep right-clicking my way to source control victory.

At some point, I really need to organize my thoughts on The Fun Bits of the game. But for the time being, I’ll keep plugging through the tutorial.

This definitely felt like progress.