Justice Playthrough #116: Our Lady

Seems like less of a “game” and more of a “collection of storytelling prompts.” I’ve seen much thinner games than this, however.

Page 30, Game 2: Our Lady by Jess Go

You and the other two players (the game specifies that it’s for three players, and I’m honestly not sure why) are kids who have been visited by a divine spirit of some sort. Who is she? What does she want? How does she change your lives?

(Spoiler: if I’m playing, it’s probably gonna be The Great Pumpkin.)

Draw cards from the four decks representing the four seasons, read the prompts, and figure it out for yourselves.

Honestly? It’s … a storytelling game, just one with a bit more setup due to the cards you have to cut out. (The game notes that you can just roll a d10 instead of creating actual physical cards, in which case the cards really ought to have been numbered.) Not much structure, and a very loose theme. If something about the theme calls to you, go for it.

What favors will this next game ask of me?

Page 11, Game 12: Broken Minds by LockedOn

“A psychological murder mystery set in 90s Japan.”

Ah, thinkin’ and killin’. Okay, I can get behind that.