Justice Playthrough #130: Unmoored

A solo game that wants you to have a die, a deck of cards, and a Jenga tower to play it. I guess those are a thing.

Page 39, Game 27: Unmoored by Lari Assmuth

Terrorists are fucking the world, so the Time Cops are gonna send you back in time to deal with them before they ever become a problem. But as one of the game’s acknowledged sources said, science isn’t exactly an exact science with these guys. You’re getting jerked around the time-space continuum willy nilly, losing pieces of your identity as you go. You are, as the title suggests, unmoored.

You’re probably fucked. But you still have a future to save, dammit.

You draw cards, and write entries in your log based on what they’re telling you. At various points, you’ll pull blocks from the Jenga tower. When it falls, ya done. Hope you accomplished something before you lost all traces of yourself to temporal Alzheimers.

I don’t have a lot to say about this one, other than it looks really interesting. Which is why I don’t have much to say; I might just want to experience this one for myself. What the hell, if I get my hands on a Jenga set and have an afternoon to devote to what’s basically a writing exercise, I might very well give it a try. If it sounds appealing to you, it’s worth a look.

All right, Al. Where am I headed next?

Page 1, Game 22: MidBoss by Eniko

“A possession based traditional roguelike with turn-based gameplay.”

Ziggy says I’m an orc?! Oh, boy.