Justice Playthrough #34: David

That was cool as hell.

Page 55, Game 10: David by Fermenter

All I knew about this game was that it was named “David.” Based on that, I literally had no idea what was waiting for me. Some sort of interactive fiction piece, perhaps? A one-page RPG following the adventures of the most maligned of the GUYS (you know … GUYS?), Dave Guy? A picture of my friend Dave?

I was not expecting “Abstract physics-based boss fighter where you, a hollow square, battle the forces of evil.”

But that’s what I got. And it was honestly pretty sweet.

As a hollow square, you will battle sins like “Greed,” “Anger,” “Lies,” or “Wolf.” These sins will be represented as a variety of shapes that will try to swarm you. You will hop around in an environment where gravity exists, but you can ignore it if you jump hard enough. To fight back, you hold down the mouse button on your halo to charge, then mouse-over to your target and release in order to blast them.

To get to the big boss battle, you must defeat all the sins on “Hard” mode. Which is exactly the same as “Easy,” except instead of seven hit points, you have one.

The reward for defeating all the sins on “Easy” is the satisfaction of a job well done.

I do not think I will be proceeding to the big boss battle.

But this is, nevertheless, a cool, inventive, satisfying little game. Each battle is unique, and each one will require you to come up with a new strategy to beat the baddie. Getting the mouse over my geometric avatar to begin the weapon charge was a bit more fiddly than I preferred, but I suppose that’s part of the challenge of the game, really.

This is a fun, weird little game. I can definitely recommend it.

That’ll be it for tonight. But what awaits me tomorrow?

Page 5, Game 30: Gun Rounds by Blabberf

“Fast paced, turn-based shooter with a cute attitude!”

Promising. Very promising.