Justice Playthrough #83: No cortarás a tu hermana con el filo de esta espada

Not every game needs me in its audience.

Page 44, Game 24: No cortarás a tu hermana con el filo de esta espada by TwineDoctors

The biggest hurdle is, of course that the game is in Spanish. (The title translates to “You will not cut your sister with the edge of this sword”.) My thirty-year-old high school Spanish and the smattering of obscenities I picked up watching Narcos were not up to the task. But, this is a bit of browser-based interactive fiction. So if I run it through Google Translate, I can at least get a look, right?

That didn’t help as much as you’d think.

You’re living in … Japan? And there’s an invasion of some sort coming. And you’re traveling around to unite people against the invasion, I think?

I was never sure what I was doing, or why. I’m pretty sure I lost really, really hard though.

There’s a level of disconnect here that Google Translate was utterly unable to bridge. I have no idea if that’s a defect in the game, or a simple cultural gap. For all I know, this is like a standard trope in Central American literature. “Oh, a gather-the-gangs-against-the-invasion story? But set in Japan, and interactive? That sounds fuckin’ dope, hermano!”

So … hey. If you speak fluent Spanish and would like some interactive fiction, check it out. This might be your jam.

Will I be able to read this one, though:

Page 19, Game 15: Winterlore I by Moroi Springs

“a folkloric mystery adventure”

I believe I will.